£10 extra to add an armchair

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I am currently undertaking a house clearance following the recent death of my uncle.

I contacted the council to request collection of a number of bed bases and mattresses that were in the front garden of the house concerned, in the Pye Nest area of Halifax. The operator informed me that there was a £10 charge for collection to which I agreed.

She also told me that this was a flat fee regardless of the number of items to be collected. I made payment there and then. A short time later, I identified an armchair that was only suitable as waste so I contacted the council again to enquire whether or not such items could also be collected. The operator that time indicated that the council did indeed collect such items so I asked her to add it to the previous list of beds. I couldn’t believe my ears when she informed me that, as I had already paid for the beds’ collection, I would have to arrange a separate collection for the armchair at an additional cost of £10. No matter how often I stated that it was the same address with one additional item, she came back with the same negative answer and insisted that I would have to pay again.

I refused and now the armchair is outside the property, no doubt becoming an eyesore and a hazard with the inclement weather. I fully understand why the council introduced the charge for collection but I cannot believe that I was requested to pay an extra charge for one extra item from the same address, especially after what the first operator had told me.

David Parker

Kirkstone Drive





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