Cast a vote to demand referndum

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For years we have been promised a referendum on the UK’s future with the European Union, and this promise has been broken time and time again.

May I make your readers aware that in the very near future we can finally demand our say. In the European elections 2014 everybody will have the chance to call for a referendum by casting a vote for “We demand a referendum”. The only place that the people of this great nation really have power is at the ballot box, and this is your chance to take power back. People who are interested in this new movement can read details on www.letthepeopledecide.eu or ring the team on 0800 157 7916 and can pledge their support to demand a referendum in 2014. Putting your cross by “We demand a referendum” sends a clear and definitive message to the Government and will cause a political storm. It is about time those in power listened to the people. We will make them listen, we demand a referendum.

Malcolm Pepper

Prospect Avenue

Pye Nest




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