MP Linda should do right and resign

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Nice to see Linda Riordan giving her views on all things economy related.

She’s not sure the recovery has started up North, even though unemployment is falling it’s not good news. The demise of IPLAS has also made her sad, as I am sure it will make many sad in Calderdale. No one wants to see staff losing their jobs or businesses closing. I was almost fooled for a few hours, then I picked up a national newspaper and there she was again on the front page. This time however Linda wasn’t bemoaning the abysmal efforts of the Coalition government, in fact she wasn’t saying anything! She couldn’t be contacted even though most of the UK press were trying to speak with her. I know most people in Calderdale will be surprised to hear this as Linda is known to always be available to comment on just about anything. It was only when I read that the reason she was being featured in the newspaper was that she is one of the MP’s who has been milking the system again. Not only does she have a house in Northowram, but she also owns one in London that we taxpayers have been helping her with her mortgage on. After the MP’s expenses scandal we stopped paying her mortgage but the ever resourceful Linda found another way to make sure we continued to help with it. She rented out the house to one of her Labour Party colleagues for several hundred pounds a month which covered the mortgage and gave £12k a year profit, rented a flat in London, and then claimed £17k a year in expenses to pay for the rent. Not bad if you are part of the system is it £29k a year just for doing a bit of fancy footwork? Maybe Linda will explain to the people of IPLAS who lost their jobs why she considers it morally right to syphon taxpayers money to increase her personal wealth? Far from being a champion of the poor Linda Riordan is is typical of the champagne Socialists that we see demanding that Osborn tax those earning more than £50k a year to give more to those who are worse off whilst at the same time they are pocketing moneys that could be used to help those very same people. Linda Riordan is a member of a Party that has spent the last two years complaining about the “toffs” in the Government who are wealthy and don’t care about the poor.

Meanwhile in the background she is indirectly depriving the genuine poor of this country. If Linda Riordan, who was incensed by the behaviour of Andrew Mitchell has a shred of decency she will do the right thing and resign, after all it’s what she and her colleagues wanted Mr Mitchell to do. All he did was call someone a name he wasn’t manipulating the system!

Charles Moran

Lower Moor





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