MP’s expense claims smack of hypocrisy

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Linda Riordan’s latest expenses scandal can only be described as an example of how self indulgent and hypocritical she is.

Remember this is an MP who prides herself to be on the left of the Labour party, fighting for the rights of the needy against the evils of capitalism. Who regularly attacks the Conservative lead government with her socialist colleagues for being elitist. Well this latest saga in her catalogue of dodgy expense claims can only be described as an example of privilege, something she claims to despise. She has shown total contempt for the taxpayer, and above all the Halifax electorate, who are having to tighten their belts due to the economic mess she and her socialist colleagues left us in. Additionally, her response to the whole scandal as being somewhat of a mistake and that she will end the rental arrangement leads to two conclusions. Either she is lying and the whole arrangement was premeditated, or she is incompetent and if so we must question her ability to represent the hard working people of Halifax. Finally if she wishes to salvage any integrity with the people of Halifax, I suggest she donates all the £19,000 to charities like the Mixenden Parents’ Centre so they can continue their work helping the needy and underprivileged who she claims to represent.

Andrew Tagg

Bishopdale Court





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