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Family fortunes, Keep it in the family, no not TV game shows.

It turns out that some of our MPs are still at it. No wonder speaker John Bercow is trying to block a release about MPs renting out their taxpayer-funded homes. His excuse that releasing details would be a security risk, as it would make it easier for people to identify MPs’ addresses. I would suggest it would save those MP’s like our very own left winger Linda Riordan, embarrassing details how she is still fiddling the taxpayer of her constituency £19,000 per year, renting a second home to a fellow MP. Like all MPs Mrs Riordan receives a salary of £65,738 per annum and is now making on top of that about £1,000 per month clear profit. Other claims relating to the flat include £1,130 for a sofa bed, £219 for bedding and £1936for carpets, she has also been claiming the maximum of £400 a month for food, and also for a cleaner. Throwing the boyfriend about £40,000 all at the taxpayers’ expense (nice work if you can get it). I would stress that all MPs are not still at it, but the few that are should be made to resign and their future in politics ended. Many in the past have but some are still back in their old comfort zone. After the scandal that brought Westminster to its knees, all MPs were supposedly banned for claiming for their mortgages on expenses, and were given an allowance of up to £20,000 a year to help pay their bills. So far at least four MP’ including one of our own have been found out, it seems this is still not sufficient. All they have done is move out of their second taxpayer-funded homes and are renting them out to other MPs for a substantial profit. They may argue that the practice may not be illegal under a regime riddled with loopholes, but it is surely morally wrong. It will do nothing for the ordinary householder paying their own mortgages and doing their weekly shop at their respective supermarkets (no £400 per month government handout here). No the British taxpayer will think they are still at it, their long snouts are still in a bottomless trough, and the few bad apples will continue to smirch. The names of the other MPs please.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green




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