Protect jobs and fire service

Halifax Fire Station, King Cross, Halifax
Halifax Fire Station, King Cross, Halifax
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We have two excellent fire stations in Halifax and dedicated and hard working fire-fighters who serve Halifax, Calderdale and beyond.

Inevitably the cuts have not escaped the Fire Service and our area could be hit by fire job losses and pump reductions. I am pleased that both Illingworth and King Cross Stations will remain open as they are both vital to effectively dealing with incidents in our communities. However, the decision to remove a pump from King Cross concerns many people who work in the industry. The main thinking behind any service review should be the safety of the public. Do these changes make people less or more safe?

It is certainly not the latter. Indeed the Fire Authority’s strap line is making the public safer. I have met with the FBU and they assure me that these proposed changes will mean it will take longer to reach fires, stretch resources even further and put further strain on existing services. I appreciate the West Yorkshire Fire Authority, like so many others, have been put in a difficult position by Government cuts. It has already seen its grant reduced by £5.9 million and will see further crippling spending reductions by March 2015. Should fire services be subject to such savage Government cuts? I know lobbying is taking place to get the Government to think again. In the meantime the fight to protect fire services and jobs in Halifax goes on so that fire-fighters, who don’t deserve these cuts, can carry on their excellent service to the people of Halifax and Calderdale.