Soap swopping has got me all in a lather

Soap swop: Walford for Weatherfield for Michelle
Soap swop: Walford for Weatherfield for Michelle
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There’s nothing new about sibling rivalry so why should it come as a surprise to anyone that politician brothers Ed and David Miliband don’t always see eye to eye.

The full extent of the bitter feud between the pair is exposed in a new book in which ex-Foreign Secretary David effectively accuses his “ruthless” young brother of lying about the way in which he stole the Labour crown from him.

I suspect this rivalry began long before that – perhaps one Christmas when David sat on Ed’s Space Hopper and burst it after Ed had smashed up David’s Evel Knievel Dare Devil set.

I’m an only one so never had brothers and sisters to wage war with but I’ve seen it first hand with my offspring; times when only separate rooms would prevent a potential blood bath. That’s brotherly and sisterly love for you.

It’s only natural, surely.