Tom Richmond: Whitehall’s cold shoulder to a matter of life and death

ON behalf of those senior citizens who simply can’t afford to heat their homes in order to stay warm this winter, I’ve been trying to find out who is taking responsibility for the issue of ‘fuel poverty’ after it emerged that 24,300 vulnerable pensioners and others died prematurely from hypothermia and related conditions last winter.

Look for the people who help in bad situations

Eureka! column: How do you tell children about the bad things?

I recently had to help my seven year old understand the word ‘beheaded’, after he heard about this at school.

Date: 7th November 2016. Picture James Hardisty.
Thirsk Yarnbombers have been stringing thousands of knitted poppies around Thirsk, for the run up to Remembrance Day including a large draped display on the side of St Mary's Church, Thirsk. Pictured A sample of the thousands on poppies on display.

Rob Atkinson: Fifa is wrong to stop England footballers wearing poppies

Not for the first time, I’m a bit annoyed with FIFA, world football’s governing body.

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"I dont think banning driven grouse shooting is the answer."

Talking Politics: Joining the debate on grouse shooting ban

Many people will be aware of the opinion that one of the big factors which contributed to the horrendous flooding in the Calder Valley at Christmas was the Grouse Moor on the Walshaw Estate above Hebden Bridge.

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Was grouse shooting to blame for the floods in the Calder Valley last winter?

Craig Whittaker: Banning grouse hunting would not prevent floods

MANY people will be aware of the opinion circulating around the Calder Valley that one of the big factors that contributed to the horrendous flooding at Christmas was the grouse moor on the Walshaw Estate above Hebden Bridge.

Views over Halifax

Talking politics: Halifax split in half and joined with Brighouse?

As part of their initial review of Parliamentary Boundaries, the Boundary Commission (BCE) have substantially changed the existing Calder Valley and Halifax constituencies.

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Catherine Scott: Is being a fussy eater really in your DNA?

Catherine Scott: Is being a fussy eater really in your DNA?

I have spent the best part of a decade coping with a ‘particular’ eater (she assures me she’s not picky)

Remembrance services will be held across the country.

Comment: In the line of duty

It is significant that younger war veterans should be playing such an active role in this year’s Poppy Appeal; humbling because time is now catching up on those who fought in the Second World War, it is also poignant because of the sacrifices made by brave members of the Armed Forces in more recent conflicts.

Hannah Webster enjoying time at Eureka!

Eureka! column: Language is more powerful than you think

As adults however, we’ve learned that simply isn’t true. Whether carelessly dropped or intentionally thrown, words have the power to cause great pain.

In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, an injured girl lies on a bed as she gets treatment in a hospital in the southern city of Daraa, Syria, on Tuesday. Rebels fired rockets at government-held areas. One hit a primary school, killing six people among them five children and wounding 18 students, according to state-run news agency SANA. It said some of the wounded are in a serious condition

Mary Creagh: We cannot wash our hands of the Syrian people’s ordeal

I VISITED Lebanon last September and saw at first-hand the scale of the appalling humanitarian crisis spilling out from Syria and across the Middle East.

Talking Politics: We should have the right to ‘return’ Brexit

Talking Politics: We should have the right to ‘return’ Brexit

We, the British public, have bought Brexit. It was advertised as coming with £350m a week extra for the NHS, control of our borders and the ability to maintain free trade with Europe.

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There could be extra flights between Leeds Bradford Airport and Heathrow if a third runway is built at London's main airport.

Tom Richmond: Trains or planes, we need links that mean business

THE promise of extra flights between Leeds Bradford Airport and Heathrow needs to be placed in a wider political context.

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Kim Kardashian.

Catherine Scott: Would you chose Cleopatra or Kim Kardashian West as a role model for your daughter?

So who would you have as a role model for your daughter? Paralympian Dame Sarah Storey or Cleopatra?

The role of the fire service is varied and wide ranging

Talking politics: Our devoted emergency services stretched to the max

Following my eye-opening shift with West Yorkshire Police over the summer, I joined both Yorkshire Ambulance Service and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service last week to gain a deeper understanding of their work serving and protecting our communities.

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BackCare 'Caring for Carers' week starts October 3

Ten tips for carers to maintain a healthy back

The UK is home to seven million unpaid carers, writes Lynne Midwinter. They provide care and support to an ailing or disabled family member, friend or neighbour on an ongoing basis.

Halifax Borough Market.

Talking Politics with Conservative group leader Coun Scott Benton

Local Government is currently undergoing dramatic change as Central Government revaluates the responsibilities of local councils to ensure that they are well placed to deliver economic growth and high quality local services in the future.

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Professor David Nutt: Cannabis is the oldest medicine in the world – why is it banned?

Cannabis is generally thought to be the oldest medicine in the world, with evidence of use from Egypt and China dating back four millennia.

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One reader says they arent interested in what happens to Bake-Off and its stars Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry (pictured)

Catherine Scott: Will you be watching Bake Off on Channel 4 ?

The Great British Bake Off is an institution in our house. It is one of those few occasions, like the Olympics, when we all sit down as a family and watch the successes and the disasters that befall the amateur bakers.

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Prime Minister Theresa May

Talking Politics: Tim Swift, Leader of Calderdale Council

It is remarkable that a change of Prime Minister from one to another from the same party can cause so much confusion and uncertainty. Yet that is the position we face as we wait for the Government to get up and running after the summer break.

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