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Protesters in Greece
Protesters in Greece
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We’ve just had a week’s holiday in Greece and I wondered what we’d see of the state of their economy. We started in Athens, then island-hopping. I’ve only been through Athens briefly some years ago and we were only there overnight this time. But what we saw didn’t look good.

Late on Sunday night, there was a demonstration outside the gates of the President’s palace, and the city looked shabby with boarded-up shops and graffiti. But the islands looked fine: it’s the beginning of the summer and the holiday season so shops and holiday accommodation were being painted and preparing to open. One island was more touristy than I remembered – with constant cruise liners docking. The other two have a broader economy with farming and small businesses as well as tourism.

That’s just a snapshot but the memory that I bring back is of the apparent sharp divide between the capital city and everyday life in the countryside.

I’m not at all sure that the same’s true in Great Britain: but I’m on the inside here!