Talking Politics: Let’s make Tour de France a success

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Now that part of the first stage of the Tour De France is coming through Calderdale, I suppose we better get ready to put our European hats on.

No doubt we will be seeing the Lycra army of Calderdale cyclists flying up and down the Calder Valley - let’s just hope that they will be wearing bright colours and helmets.

After the Olympics it has been positive to see an increase in people on their bikes. However, it appears that some of them have a death wish by wearing dark clothes, no lights and in some cases having no balance. I wonder whether they realise the danger they are putting themselves in and others.

But let’s get back to the tour and hope that everyone will join in in some way. Let’s see French markets and onion sellers on their bikes. I think it could be good for business in the borough as a whole and may increase tourism throughout Calderdale.

It should also lift the spirits of people as the Olympics did. We have been fortunate to attract some world renowned events to Calderdale so let’s all work together and make this a success that we can all be proud of.

We also have to look forward to the promise of a in - out referendum to finally settle whether we stay in the European community. There is only one drawback with this plan - it means the Conservatives would have to win the election in 2015 outright.