Talking Politics: Many showed true grit during bad weather

Snowdrifts in Buts Green Lane, Warley.

Snowdrifts in Buts Green Lane, Warley.

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Oh to be in England now that April is here. Or maybe not.

This endless snowy winter will have tested the patience of saints. Much like the economy, there is little sign of green shoots to gladden the heart.

Yes, we moan but spare a thought for those who help keep the show on the road and the snow off it. It’s testimony to the hard work of the local gritting team, working round the clock, that our highways were cleared so quickly in the recent Arctic blast. The accident and emergency staff who deal with many emergencies likewise deserve our thanks.

Many farmers have suffered during the dark days of winter, yet soldier on in terrible conditions to protect their isolated livestock and earn a living. Life does quickly return to normal, but we all too often take for granted that it will. This is due to the people who work to make it happen.

We might have a moan about the snow, but we should thank those in Calderdale who have helped ensure things have kept moving during this seemingly never ending winter.