Talking Politics: Wet promises give high hopes

Flashback to the floods

Flashback to the floods

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We had the wettest summer for over 100 years, and constant and reoccurring flooding in Calderdale, particularly in the Upper Valley. We had a visit from the Prime Minister, assuring people that funding would be made not only to repair properties but businesses damaged by the floods. They also promised extra funding for further flood defences.

It’s a shame that in the week of the budget, that the environment secretary, Owen Paterson, has announced a huge reduction in the amount going to be spent on maintaining flood defences and clearing rivers. The amount originally agreed was £68 million, it is now going to be under £39 million and that is in total. So what we can expect in Calderdale will be a couple more sandbags, and an umbrella!

I just wish that some of our senior politicians would be honest with the public instead of building up their expectations and they wonder why people have such a low opinion of the Government. I don’t know when they were going to let you know, perhaps after the next flood!