Unforgettable journey made Jimi Mistry-eyed

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THE law is an ass, it’s often said, but to be fair there can be any number of dumb creatures passing through the judicial system every week.

But as silly moos go, there can be none dafter or dumber than juror Joanne Fraill, who went against all the rules of the courtroom when she communicated via Facebook with a defendant in a drugs trial, causing the proceedings to collapse at a cost to the taxpayer of £6 million.

For this, she was given eight months in jail. Harsh? The only reason I object to her sentence is that taxpayers have got to keep her for the next umpteen weeks. Was she not listening when she was told not to discuss the case with anyone until it was concluded?

Perhaps everyone selected for jury duty should first have to undergo a written intelligence test. Judging by Fraill’s spellings, she shouldn’t even be allowed back on Facebook until she’s passed a basic English exam.