Our secret millionaire set to return to TV

Carl Hopkins, founder of Kloog.'E-mail
Carl Hopkins, founder of Kloog.'E-mail

A Brighouse businessman who shot to fame on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire is returning to the small screen.

Carl Hopkins will appear on a new Channel 4 show Four Rooms in a bid to sell his collection of Marvel Comics.

He has 3,253 comics in total, built up between 1982 and 1995, some of them dating back to the early 1960s.

The new series, which is being billed as Antiques Roadshow meets Deal or No Deal, gives an insight into the world of how deals are struck.

Carl spent a day filming in London earlier this year to try and sell his collection to four dealers, Jeff Salmon, Gordon Watson, Andrew Lamberty and Emma Hawkins.

As part of the game, Carl had to pitch his collection to the dealers before they made him an offer.

He said: “I had a bottom figure of £3,200, which works out at just about £1 per publication. Many are worth less but lots are worth much more. 

“After hearing the dealers’ comments about my collection, I made my pitch and then went to visit each dealer in their own unique room. I got to choose the order in which to see the dealers, although they never get to know the order they are being seen, so hopefully they give you their best offer,” he said.

“I had a great day and I think it will surprise a few people when they see ‘weekend Carl’ on the programme as they may have me pigeon-holed as an entrepreneur, marketer or motivational speaker. It will be nice to reveal a more personal side to me.”

The episode will air on Wednesday at 8pm on Channel 4.