Park Community Practice celebrates increased engagement

Deputy Mayor Christine Beal, Councillors Faisal Shoukat, Bob Metcalfe and Ferman Ali alongside Inspector Derrick Oldham
Deputy Mayor Christine Beal, Councillors Faisal Shoukat, Bob Metcalfe and Ferman Ali alongside Inspector Derrick Oldham

A GP practice in the Park Ward has increased patient registration numbers by 82% over the past two years, thanks to a long-term community engagement programme.

Fardos Arshad (Business Development Lead) of Park Community Practice, based in the Horne Street Health Centre off Hanson Lane, has worked closely with housing authority partners, community leaders and local charities supporting rehabilitated individuals in the ward to educate residents about the benefits of registering at a local GP practice, as well as additional support services available for existing residents and those new to the area.

The GP practice, which is run by Care UK, has also launched a targeted marketing and advertising campaign, promoting the health care services available to registered patients, including specialist diabetes clinics, free health checks for the family and healthy living advice, as well as extended hours and same day appointments available every day of the year.

As well as bus stop and local billboard advertising, the campaign also features radio adverts and a direct marketing campaign.

To celebrate the success of the campaign so far, a stakeholder appreciation event was held on Tuesday, October 30, arranged by Fardos and her team which was attended by Deputy Mayor of Calderdale Councillor Christine Beal, other local Councillors Faisal Shoukat, Bob Metcalfe and Ferman Ali alongside Inspector Derrick Oldham and community leaders.

“While our services are designed to ensure local residents can have convenient access to high quality medical care when they are unwell, it’s so important that people understand the long-term benefits of being registered at a local practice,” said Fran Robinson, service manager, Park Community Practice.

“We provide a range of free preventative services for our registered patients, such as free health checks, weight management and drugs and alcohol management programmes, to help our patients and their families keep healthy for the long-term, rather than just treating current illnesses or conditions. We still have space for further registrations, so local residents should pop into the practice or give us a quick call to register.”

Councillor Shoukat, speaking at the event, said: “Park ward is an energetic, vibrant and diverse community. One that’s tolerant, open hearted and welcoming. We have talents, we have aspirations, we are always striving towards a better future.

“Whilst we celebrate our diversity we must recognise that such a rich mix of nationalities and cultures also poses challenges in how we address their different health needs. How we communicate with them, challenges on how we promote health and well being to hard to reach sections of our community. And I think if I were to say that there is a practice that has really taken the helm and been proactive by networking with stake holders , councillors and other local community organisations to address some of the issues faced locally then one must congratulate the efforts of Fardos Arshad and her team.

“Park community practice has had a massive impact with its work with the St Augustine’s centre, and also in dealing with the current Czech and Slovak population. And when some practises have been less then receptive to asylum seekers and those of no fixed abode Fardos and her team have shown great leadership and initiative, they’ve offered a hand, they have reached out and I think that is reflected by the number of people that are attending this event. If those networks, those links were not in place, if those friendships, that rapport was not in place we wouldn’t be here today.”

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