Parking fees up 25pc here

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DRIVERS in Halifax have been dealt the fifth biggest hike in on-street parking charges across the country.

Prices to park in the town centre have gone up by 25 per cent over the last three years from 80p to £1 per hour.

Nationally, the average increase was 11 per cent with the biggest rise a staggering 125 per cent in Doncaster.

The figures came from a Freedom of Information request to councils across the country by the Co-operative Motor Group.

Researchers there found the increases had raised an extra £184m for local authorities since 2008.

Factoring in penalty-charge notice income takes this figure to £277m.

Each year councils’ income for parking services raises £1.35 billion.

Tony Guest, general manager of Co-operative Motors, said: “Motorists are seen as a cash cow since the recession and the impact of Government spending cuts.

“Our research shows council parking charges have risen dramatically. This is a double whammy on motorists because fuel prices have also gone sky high.”