Pellon power cut

STREETS were plunged into darkness as a power cut hit the Pellon area.

Around 3,200 customers were affected when the electricity cut out at 8.30pm on Monday night.

Power was also lost to street lighting leaving residents using torches tog et around and try to work out what was happening.

Revellers at The Halfway House pub were enjoying a pool league match which had to be postponed.

“It’s definitely cost us money,” said landlord Clive Chester.

“People just walked out because many of our pumps are elctric and they stopped working.

“We were still able to get some ale from our hand pumps but that didn’t stop us losing a lot of custom.”

Power was briefly restored before a further cut which lasted until 10.15pm for the majority of houses.

However 46 houses weren’t so lucky and were without power until 1.40am.

The affected streets included Sandhall Lane, Spring Hall Lane, Gibbet Street, Kenyon Lane and Hubert Street.

CE Electric who control and maintain the power supply siad that the blackout was cause by a faulty underground cable.

They said that the problem has now been rectified and they don’t foresee any problems with the cable in the future.

A spokesperson said: “We would like to apologise to customers for any incovenience and thank them for their patience.”