Pensioner Rod at age 66 is still wooing his female fans

Julie Cartwright and Rod
Julie Cartwright and Rod
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WHEN veteran rocker Rod Stewart blasts out his famous hit Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? the answer is a resounding “yes” from two of his biggest fans.

Julie Cartwright and Angela Spalding have been hooked since they were pupils at the former Reins Wood School, Brighouse.

They have paid more than £100 each for tickets for his gig at Elland Road, Leeds, on June 3, and the following day take a flight to Aberdeen for another gig there on June 5.

Last year, Julie, 47, of Brighouse, saw her idol 10 times and Angela, 48, of Bradford, four.

They travelled to Las Vegas together for two shows and both had the chance to jump on stage with the 66-year-old superstar.

They also saw concerts together in Manchester and Edinburgh.

Julie, a police community support officer in Ovenden, Halifax, estimates she spent around £5,000 last year following Rod.

“But, last year was an exception,” she said.

“I can remember when it started. I was 13 and it was Christmas Eve 1976 and my mum and dad were having a party.

“One of the neighbour’s was a Rod fan and asked to turn on the TV as he was in concert and for me that was it. I was hooked.”

She followed his fortunes back at school and had an ally in Angela.

They saw him perform live for the first time in Manchester in December 1978 and again in 1980.

The two friends then went their separate ways for nearly 30 years until being reunited at a school reunion in 2009.

“We are now both free and single and discussed our love of Rod and found out we had been at the same concerts over the years but never met,” said Julie.

When attending concerts they meet up with other fan club members and find a friendly licensee to play his music.

“Rod is certainly worth the money,” said Julie.

“He does two-and-a-half-hour concerts. We love his music and the energy of his concerts.

“We never thought he would still be touring aged 66 - I’m just glad he is as he is still good.

“I would love to meet him backstage. I have been on stage with him three times – the other was in Birmingham in 1986 – but haven’t chatted to him.”

Her favourite record is “The Killing of Georgie” but her love of Rod is not shared by her 21-year-old daughter, Kelly.

Angela, a court usher at Bradford Crown Court, also has two-grown up children with different music tastes.

“At work the regulars joke they will serve me with an harassment notice but Rod is part of me, I’m an all or nothing sort of person,” said Julie, who estimates she has attended 40 concerts in total.