Police lead blitz on the drivers who raise insurance fees for Halifax residents

Inspector Dorian James slapped a notice on a car seized after being found with no insurance
Inspector Dorian James slapped a notice on a car seized after being found with no insurance

SEVEN vehicles were seized and three people were arrested during an operation to tackle uninsured drivers.

Police carried out the crackdown in Halifax after figures from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau showed the HX1 postcode has a high number of uninsured vehicle owners.

Of the vehicles seized, six were found with no insurance and was abandoned after failing to stop for the police. One person was arrested on suspicion of breaching a fines warrant and two on suspicion of immigration offences. Officers issued 15 fines for various traffic offences and two drivers were reported for summons.

Chief Inspector Neil Hunter, head of roads policing for West Yorkshire Police, said: “We know that the majority of the motoring public are law-abiding and they find uninsured and unlicensed driving completely unacceptable.

“Any driver who is considering driving their vehicle whilst uninsured needs to be aware that this is identified to the police by ANPR cameras both at locations throughout the force area and in patrolling police vehicles and the consequences include a court appearance and potential fine as well as difficulty in obtaining vehicle insurance in the future.”

Inspector Dorian James, who led the operation, added: “The Motor Insurers Bureau estimates that every legitimately insured driver is having to pay £30 of their insurance premium towards meeting the cost of claims involving uninsured drivers. If we find anyone driving a vehicle without insurance or a licence we will seize that vehicle and it will only be returned when we are happy that there is insurance in place that meets the legal requirements of the Road Traffic Act.”