Church says ‘no’ to sale of land for scheme

Concerned residents at the Hipperholme crossroads
Concerned residents at the Hipperholme crossroads
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Christ Church at Hipperholme has decided not to sell a piece of land, needed for the proposed crossroad scheme to go ahead.

The leadership team at the church has said that they will not sell any piece of land at this time to Clugstons under the scheme proposed by Calderdale Council in relation to alterations at Hipperholme crossroads.

The land formed an integral part of the £3.4 million scheme and council officers have said on a number of occasions that the scheme would only go ahead if this piece of land could be acquired.

Members of Hipperholme Preservation Society soon set up a campaign against the scheme and pointed out a number of inaccuracies and misrepresentations in the bid document.

Councillor Barry Collins, the council’s spokesman for economy and environment, said they alerted the Department of Transport to some inaccuracies in the bid document submitted for the funding. “The Department has reviewed the issues and has informed the council that it is comfortable with its decision to award the funding. They said it is hoped that any problems can be resolved to allow for construction to start as soon as possible.”

They are now working on a revised scheme which will be submitted for further consultation.