Now Grenville nails his colours to UKIP mast

Grenville Horsfall with UKIP
Grenville Horsfall with UKIP

THE UK Independence Party is seeking to form a branch in Calderdale to contest local and national elections.

Former Conservative councillor Grenville Horsfall is the first to be chosen to represent the party at the council elections next May.

He expects to stand in either Brighouse or Rastrick ward.

Work in Calderdale by UKIP is initially being linked to the Huddersfield and Colne Valley branch.

Chairman Thomas Hirst said it was an exciting time for the party as people become increasingly sceptical about the policies and laws emanating from Europe.

“Our membership is rising and we are getting growing support from people on the doorstep.

“Success in the Euro and the UK parliamentary elections means we are well placed to take on the more established parties.”

Two UKIP candidates stood in the Kirkless Council elections earlier this year.

Mr Horsfall is the first to announce his candidature in Calderdale.

He was an active member of the Conservative Party for nearly 50 years until he was told in 2008, at the age of 73, that he was no longer wanted.

At the time, he was a councillor in Skircoat ward, and was forced to stand unsuccessfully as an Independent in 2010.

“I have always believed in plain speaking which hasn’t gone down well in some circles.

“But I believe in the policies of the UK Independence Party which I think has a major role to play in local politics.”

Anyone interested in the party should ring 07947800129.