Talking Politics: A station for Hipperholme

Hipperholme crossroads, Leeds Road, Hipperholme
Hipperholme crossroads, Leeds Road, Hipperholme

Councillor Barry Collins wrote in a letter recently that if me and “my new Conservative colleagues” (his little joke) were serious about a railway station at Hipperholme, we should roll up our sleeves and get on with it.

Coun Collins knows that I have long been a campaigner for this idea as a permanent and popular solution to the perceived Hipperholme crossroads problem.

The council,under Coun Collins’ department had a choice to make between Hipperholme and Elland and chose Elland.

Both, as Coun Collins rightly says, were in the top ten for Network Rail approval.

Hipperholme was above Elland in cost/benefit terms (i.e. you get more money back for every pound you spend) but slightly below Elland in terms of “deliverability”.

This is despite the land for the Hipperholme station being offered for no cost.

Elland does not have the same strategic transport importance or the urgent need (according to Coun Collins) to sort out its transport problems. Elland already has a bypass.

So,why was Elland chosen? It will no doubt have been for the “greater good”.

It could not possibly have been that there are more votes for his party in Elland than Hipperholme.

I hope Elland gets its station.

By Councillor Colin Raistrick (Hipperholme and Lightcliffe, Ind)