Talking Politics: What’s Gaza got to do with Calderdale?

Halifax Town Hall
Halifax Town Hall

One of the reasons given for the general apathy about politics, locally and nationally, and the corresponding low turnout at elections is that politicians are stuck in a bubble of their own.

The feeling is that politicians are out of touch with what is important to people in their daily lives,spending too much time on irrelevant political point-scoring.

Local Elaections. Colin Raistrick.

Local Elaections. Colin Raistrick.

A good example of this was the last full council meeting - a near six hour marathon.

One of the topics for debate was the human rights of the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

No, really, you couldn’t make it up!

This is relevant to Calderdale because “many Calderdale residents have family living in Gaza”.

Well I’ve got an Aunty Joyce living in Morley, but I’m not telling her what to do.

The tone of the debate was anti-Israeli (presumably no Calderdale residents have family in Israel) and opposition to the proposal of support was considered racist.

At one stage the leaders of Hamas were compared to Nelson Mandela - I would have thought that Gerry Adams was a better comparison.

Which brings me to my point.

Peace was found in the Irish conflict by negotiation, the same way as some day, hopefully, it will be found for the residents of Gaza and Israel.

What this has got to do with the local councillors of Calderdale is, frankly, beyond me. A complete waste of my time and your money.

By Councillor Colin Raistrick (Hipperholme and Lightcliffe, Ind)