Pregnant Rastrick woman stages naked protest outside Jamie Oliver restaurant

ANIMAL rights campaigner Lynzi Waddington staged a naked protest today outside a celebrity chef's London restaurant.

Lynzi, of Rastrick, who is six months pregnant, squeezed into a cage outside Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant in the capital to demonstrate about the TV star's promotion of British pork.

The 24-year-old former Rastrick High School student crouched on all fours and wore flesh coloured underwear during the lunchtime protest.

She was joined by another mum-to-be Hollie Bryant, from south Wales, in the demonstration organised by Local People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The group claims it mirrors conditions on UK factory farms, where they say pregnant sows are put into metal stalls barely larger than their own bodies.

PETA says the pigs are confined this way from a week before they give birth until their babies are approximately four weeks old which causes causes such extreme mental distress that the animals often gnaw on the metal bars.

"By squeezing my pregnant body into this crate, I hope to help people envision how cruelly sows are treated on factory farms," said Lynzi.

"PETA is asking people to have a heart for animal mums this time of the year and avoid meat that comes from such misery."

The move will surprise many, as the chef's television show investigating pig welfare standards urged people to buy British rather than cheaper pork produced abroad under poorer conditions.

Mr Oliver's spokesman said the chef was a "big supporter" of animal welfare, while his London restaurant Fifteen served pork products from "the happiest pigs you can get".

"They do seem to be protesting against somebody who is trying to help the situation," he said.

"It's a slightly odd place for them to be protesting but nonetheless they are welcome to do that. My main concern was that they would get cold."

He added: "In the programme we never said that the British pig farming industry is completely whiter than white, we did a very balanced programme."