Proud volunteer dad will watch his son compete

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The 2012 Olympic Games in London will be extra special for one father and son duo - with one volunteering and the other competing in volleyball.

Former Brighouse High School pupil Kieran O’Malley, 24, was selected this week for Team GB’s volleyball squad - and his father Kevin, 50, has been appointed court manager for the volley ball tournament.

2011 London Volleyball International Invitational - GBR v USA

2011 London Volleyball International Invitational - GBR v USA

Both are ‘delighted’ they will be sharing the experience of the games, with dad Kevin managing to book off his shifts for when Kieran is playing in the first round.

Kevin, of Cromwell Road, Southowram, has been involved in volleyball for about 35 years and coaches Boathouse Volleyball Club which competes in the National, Yorkshire and West Yorkshire leagues.

He will be responsible for all the equipment in the tournament - which will have sell-out crowds of 45,000 a day at Earls Court.

He said his son Kieran was as delighted as he was that he’d been appointed a volunteer.

“We were over the moon. For me, the Olympics are the pinnacle of sporting life. The Olympic Games - there’s be nothing better, ever.

“I never thought I would ever get the chance to watch, let alone go and work there.

“And to go there and watch my son playing at the same time - you can’t get better.

“I’m very proud of him. It’s going to be a pretty good day the first day he walks out on that court and I’m there.”

For at least Kieran’s first round matches, Kevin will be cheering him on with his wife Julie and daughter Vicky.

Kieran said: “It’s great. Dad’s always been there ever since I was a kid, taking me around the country so I could play.

“He always wants to be part of the team where I’m playing. 
“He always comes to watch and gets involved with the guys - so for him to have his own role in the Olympics is great for him and great for me that I can be down there as well.”

* Kieran O’Malley said it was “amazing” to be selected for the Great Britain Volleyball squad for the 2012 Olympics.
The 24-year old former Brighouse High School pupil is part of a 12-man setup to compete at the indoor volleyball events at Earls Court.
He told the Courier: “I can’t put it into words. For me, it’s something I’ve been aiming for, for five to six years, but never believed I could do it. Each year was one more year I’ve managed to still be part of the team - and to still be here and be selected is just amazing.”

O’Malley, who plays as a setter for Great Britain and club side Abiant Lycurgus Groningen of the Netherlands, only took up volleyball seriously seven years ago when a knee injury halted a promising football career. He played for West Yorkshire club Boathouse and then for Sheffield VC. He made his 100th appearance for Great Britain when they played against the USA last year. London 2012 is the first time Team GB Volleyball has been Olympic Games.