Real life ‘Last Tango’ for sweethearts

Real life Last Tango in Halifax.
Real life Last Tango in Halifax.

Wedding bells were ringing at Holdsworth House as the renowned wedding venue played host to a real life Last Tango in Halifax wedding.

Maxine and Roland - or John as he is known as - Tyler met in their early 20s and knew it was “love at first sight” but after some complications, the pair lost contact when Maxine moved - leaving the pair to sit and wonder of what could have been for 30 years.

While John had been driving unknowingly within a mile of Maxine’s house everyday, he remained oblivious to where she lived and often searched for her on the internet.

However, after Maxine was married she changed her surname and it wasn’t until her daughter was married that John found her again and sent her a letter, which she replied to weeks later by email.

Maxine, said: “At first, I didn’t know whether to reply or not. He had left his number but I was too nervous to ring.

“When we met up and got back together, it was as if we had gone back in time. All of the feelings were still there.”

The pair married a few months later in August in the gazebo at the Holmfield hotel in which Alan and Celia - from the hit BBC One television series Last Tango in Halifax - wed. Neither of them told anyone they were getting married and Maxine did not want an engagement ring - which follows the Last Tango in Halifax storyline. “Our story follows Alan and Celia’s storyline - even to the point we didn’t invite all our family to the wedding,” added Maxine.

General manager Richard Christie, said: “It’s not uncommon for couples to call us at short notice to arrange their wedding. But with Maxine and Roland’s backgrounds following the Last Tango in Halifax storyline so remarkably closely we were doubly excited to host their wedding.

“We’re the only venue that can boast two Last Tango in Halifax weddings!”