Residents ‘up in arms’ at parked cars on road

Frustrated: from left: Jeffrey and Susan Lee with Brian Stead on Scarr Bottom Road
Frustrated: from left: Jeffrey and Susan Lee with Brian Stead on Scarr Bottom Road

FRUSTRATED residents say cars using their road to park on are creating blockages and ruining a beauty spot.

Jeffrey Lee, 82, of Scarr Bottom Road, Savile Park, Halifax, claimed workers at the nearby Lloyds Banking Group’s Copley Data Centre are to blame for the cars parking along his road.

He said the problem has been around for years but has recently been getting worse.

“It’s causing trouble to local residents. It’s difficult to get up and down the road. And this area is a beauty spot. There are walkers who want to park to walk around here.

“Some of us can’t get even access parts of our own gardens because people park right alongisde the hedges.

“We’ve been inconvenienced by this for the past three years but it’s getting worse. We’re all up in arms. It’s a travesty.”

Sgt John Thomas, of Halifax Central neighbourhood policing team, said: “It’s not just around the data centre - it’s a parking problem around the whole of the Skircoat area. I would say it’s the most common and most thorny issue raised at every meeting we go to.

“But this is being looked at in detail and the council is currently reviewing the parking in the area.”

A spokesperson from Calderdale Council said: “We can only deal with obstructive or indiscriminate parking where formal waiting restrictions (yellow lines) are in place.”

A spokeswoman for Lloyds Banking Group said: “We know that demand for car parking on this site is extremely high.

“We actively encourage colleagues to use free bus services provided by the group which operate frequently to a variety of local transport hubs including Halifax bus and railway stations and other locations. “We do this to try and avoid a situation whereby colleagues drive to the site and find themselves unable to park. We would always encourage colleagues to park responsibly whether it’s on our site or elsewhere.”