Scott had grouse on the tables by lunch

Yesterday was the Glorious Twelfth and award-winning restaurant owner Scott Hessel had every reason to look pleased with himself.

Scott, who is also a chef, bagged the first red grouse at Keighley Moor.

And by noon he was serving it up to more than 60 game-loving diners at The Old Bore, Rishworth.

The 40-year-old restaurateur claims to be the first chef in Yorkshire to have served the dish yesterday.

Scott roasted the poultry and served it with game chips, bread sauce and port gravy.

The meat tastes of mild game and heather.

One group of game lovers who booked his private dining room paid 500 for a bottle of red wine to have with their meal – a 1982 Chateau Rothschild.

Scott, who has owned The Old Bore for the past six years, was invited to the first day of the shooting season by a friend, but did not wield a shotgun himself.

But he said it was a good season with abundant grouse.

Some parties had paid up to 5,000 to shoot yesterday.

The 12th is one of the busiest days in the shooting season. Suppliers from Yorkshire have grouse sent down to London by plane.

In the capital it was on the menu at prestigious restaurants tonight.

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust says this year's season is going to be a record-beater.

Despite the harshest winter for 30 years, red grouse have thrived.

They are extremely hardy, completely wild and cannot be reared artificially.