Sorrow over the dumped rabbits

Rabbits looking for a home at Halifax RSPCA, Wilbur (left) and Orville
Rabbits looking for a home at Halifax RSPCA, Wilbur (left) and Orville
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RABBITS are being abandoned in shocking numbers, according to the RSPCA. The charity’s Halifax animal centre has just taken in seven rabbits in five days.

Staff say owners need to be aware they are a big responsibility before taking them on as pets. Adele Garbinskas, deputy manager, said: “It’s quite shocking that you can have so many in such a short space of time.

“It’s basically people turfing them out when they are fed up of caring for them.”

Bunnies are the UK’s third most popular pet, but thousands end up in rescue centres every year – like Orville and Wilbur.

The cute pair, pictured, were found in a box in an apartment block in Rastrick.

“Overall their condition was fine, but they were in a cramped box so it wouldn’t have been very nice for them,” said Adele.

“Part of the problem with rabbits is that people take them on not fully understanding what their needs are and will stick them in a tiny hutch that doesn’t meet their requirements.”

The RSPCA recommends keeping rabbits in a shed or large hutch with a run attached so they can get plenty of exercise.

The sociable animals are also happiest kept in pairs and should be fed mainly hay or grass, which helps keep their teeth short.

The RSPCA is holding a rabbit awareness week from May 23 to 29.

l Can you give one of the rabbits a good home? Call 01422 365628 or call into the animal centre in Wade Street, Halifax.