Stay safe when blue lights flash and sirens blare

A NEW road-safety video has been put online advising drivers how to react to emergency service vehicles on a blue-light run.

The five-minute film, backed by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, aims to increase awareness of what motorists should do when faced with a police car, fire engine or ambulance with its sirens blaring.

Group manager Nick Smith said: “There is little guidance available for the public on how to react to an emergency vehicle on a blue-light response.

“Consequently, some motorists panic and react impulsively, often risking their safety and that of other road users.

“We welcome this video and hope that it will help to improve road safety and also help to improve our attendance times at incidents.”

The video project, spearheaded by GEM Motoring Assist, follows a three-month consultation with emergency services and road-safety experts.

David Williams, chief executive of the roadside recovery firm, said: “Emergency service drivers make blue-light journeys because someone needs their urgent help.

“We in turn can help them by giving them the room they need. In so doing, we may well be helping to save a life.”

The video is backed by various emergency services, road-safety charities and motoring organisations and was funded by GEM’s Road Safety Charity, Volvo and Drive Smarter.

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