Swans settle in Shibden

Swans at Shibden Park, Halifax.
Swans at Shibden Park, Halifax.
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Swan way or another - swans have returned to the grounds of Halifax’s grade two historical house.

The ‘lovebirds’ checked in on the estate at Christmas but where have travelled from and for how long they will stay, nobody knows.

Shibden Hall estate manager Deborah Comyn Platt said: “The swans have migrated to Shibden as there is a source of food for them here.

“We’re unsure if they will stay long enough to breed here.

“It’s wonderful to welcome them to Shibden and such beautiful birds on the lake. They’ve caused a lot of interest - especially with children.”

But the regal swans have not yet been assigned with a name - can you think of suitable names for the lovebirds? tweet @hxcourier or email newsdesk@halifaxcourier.co.uk with your answer.

Ms Comyn Platt said she could not recall the last time Shibden was home to swans but in her eight years as estate manager swans haven’t settled on the estate.

The park ask visitors not to get too close to the swans.

Swans were sent to Halifax’s People’s Park in the early 1970’s on behalf of the Queen of England after a Halifax man wrote to say he missed a former pair of swans at the park lake.

Swans tend to mate for life - though ‘divorce’ sometimes occur - particularly after nesting failure.