Topless campaigners urge end to 'naked cruelty' of foie gras - see pictures of their protest

ANIMAL rights protestor Linzi Waddington went topless in London's Oxford Street today to expose what campaigners described as the "naked cruelty" involved in creating foie gras.

Linzi, of Brighouse, joined members of campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) urging Selfridges to stop selling foie gras - meaning "fatty liver - a pate typically created by force-feeding ducks and geese.

Peta members waved heart-shaped signs with the slogan "Have a heart - drop foie gras" outside the flagship store in the city.

They said Selfridges should follow Waitrose, House of Fraser, Sainsbury's and other British grocery chains which have stopped stocking foie gras.

Peta Europe director Robbie LeBlanc said: "Peta supporters are quite willing to go 'starkers' to expose the naked cruelty behind this 'torture in a tin'.

"Valentine's Day is the perfect time for Selfridges to show geese a little love by ending foie gras sales."

Peta campaigners gave vegan chocolates and roses to passers-by during today's protest.

The group said force-feeding makes the birds' livers become diseased and expand to up to 10 times their normal size, leaving the geese sick and many unable to move.

It said some bleed to death after their throats are punctured by the feeding pipe and the death rate for force-fed birds is more than 1,000 times higher.

Peta said polls show nearly two-thirds of Britons believe that foie gras sales should be banned.

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