Try and raise a smile for Blue Monday

CHIN UP and take a deep breath because today is the second official “grimmest day of the year”.

Dubbed “Blue Monday” (January 16 and 23 this year) it is the day when Christmas overspending finally catches up. The final full week of January is when the culmination of Christmas debts, broken New Year resolutions, the return to work after the festive break and the extreme winter weather, combine to create a day of misery for many of us.

Rory Deighton from Calderdale Citizens Advice Bureau said: “At this time of the year debts are a massive issue. Yes, it’s Blue Monday today and yes, it’s the worst time of the year, but take advice and do something.”

He said many private companies will offer a Debt Management Plan which is not always the best, or only, option.

“Come to us and we’ll talk you through your options. Come to us because we have no financial interest in helping you.”

Sometimes signing up to a debt management plan with a private company can see more of your money going into the third party company, than paying off your debts.

Citizens Advice say Consumer Credit Counselling Service or Payplan means no extra costs as they get their fees back from the creditors. He said people who want help should bring any documents and certificates they have..For help call 01422 842848.