Two can make a dream come true

Couple who have lost seven stone in weight between them Noel and Rosemary Wilkinson.

Couple who have lost seven stone in weight between them Noel and Rosemary Wilkinson.

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A couple are seeing much less of each other now they have cut down on the calories.

Rosemary and Noel Wilkinson of Sunnybank Crescent, Greetland, have shed six stones in a bid for a better life.

Rosemary, 46, went from weighing 13 stones down to ten stones and husband Noel, 51, went from 19 down to 16 stones after joining his wife’s slimming group.

A lighter lifestyle gives the couple much more freedom to enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer.

Rosemary said: “I run around now and play football with my son; something I would have struggled to do when I was over-weight.”

Husband Noel said: “Carrying less weight is much more beneficial to my working day - I get more done and find I’m much more confident in now.”

She said: “The light-bulb moment came when I went for a health check and the doctor made the noise that a mechanic makes when looking over your car. That’s when I realised I’d better do something about it.”

Rosemary joined Slimming World. “I find the support and comfort of a group vital in keeping the weight off.

“When you have low points you can discuss it with the group and they support you.”

Rosemary has changed the simple things to make a big difference. She no longer cooks with fatty oils and instead, uses light oils. Take-aways and pastries are a no-go but pasta, potatoes, fruit and vegetables are given the green-light.

Noel, who has noticed a significant improvement in his cholestrol levels since losing weight told our photographer: “Now, I’m prepared to stand infront of the camera rather than behind it.”