'UFO' is captured on film: Readers see more strange lights in the sky

SPOOKY lights causing a stir across Calderdale have been captured on camera.

The pictures were taken by Courier reader Mark Jefferys who spotted the strange activity in the skies above Mytholmroyd.

His wife Mandy, of Ashton Road, Mytholmroyd, called him and their sons Matthew and Liam outside after she looked up and saw the strange lights.

She said Matthew, 12, and Liam, 13, thought the lights could be UFOs.

"I was just coming back to the house with the dog and saw there were seven of these orange lights coming over.

"There were two together, then another two, then one and another two.

"I shouted Mark to come outside and he took some pictures.

"It couldn't have been helicopters because they were orange lights, not white.

"I've never seen anything like it but Mark said he thought he'd seen something similar when he was a kid."

As reported in the Courier, readers reported seeing the strange lights flashing above Mytholmroyd between 8pm and 9pm on Monday - click here to read the story.

But Gemma Kipping, of Todmorden, said she spotted the same activity two weeks before.

She was in her garden when she saw four lights above.

"It couldn't have been an aeroplane, they were moving too fast," she said.

"I thought they could have been hot air balloons but who would be out in a balloon at night?"

Can you explain the mysterious lights or do you have more pictures?

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