Unloved undies to be turned into bunting

Sam Saxby, pictured with Melanie Ransey, owner of the Sewing Box, Sowerby Bridge.
Sam Saxby, pictured with Melanie Ransey, owner of the Sewing Box, Sowerby Bridge.

A new project hopes to resurrect unloved undies- by turning them into 50 metres of brightly-coloured bunting.

The cheekily named ‘Knickers to Waste’ Kickstarter project is not just asking for money, but is also asking backers to send in the materials needed.

Two hundred pairs of knickers are needed and will be given a new lease of life as they are re-used and upcycled to create the unique bunting.

Despite the cheeky name, project organiser Sam Saxby, 35, of Sowerby Bridge, wants to encourage everyone to think twice before throwing things in the bin.

“Thongs were popular a few years ago. They’re pretty to look at but really uncomfortable to wear and actually quite unflattering,” she said.

“I was doing a big clearout and wanted to get rid of a few pairs, but I didn’t want to just chuck them in the bin.

“I did some research and there isn’t much you can do with second-hand underwear - short of sending them to a textiles recycler for shredding into rags or fibres.

“I wanted to find an upcycling solution and hit upon the idea of turning pants into bunting.

“But I’ll need more than a few pairs to make a decent stretch - so I thought I’d open it up and actually run a project.”

Sam will work with The New Sewing Box in Sowerby Bridge to make the bunting, and will collaborate with recycling specialists at Bradford-based social enterprise Re:considered to make sure she has enough material.

People backing the project can get a range of rewards - from ‘behind the scenes’ updates on how the collections and making are progressing and picture postcards, to actual stretches of the finished bunting.

You don’t have to spend a penny to contribute to the project - just post some pants to Knickers to Waste, c/o Sew! @ The New Sewing Box, 48 Wharf St, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX6 2AE.

Visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/1371458978/knickers-to-waste