Video: Hebden Bridge as UK’s second city - what the people said

Ahead of tonight’s BBC programme featuring the concept of Hebden Bridge at the centre of the UK’s second largest city in a bid to bring a big player city to the north of England, we asked people of Hebden Bridge what they thought.

BBC2 Mind The Gap programme airing today at 10pm will assess the idea of Manchester and Leeds joining together to create a super city capable of rivalling London for business, employment and foreign investment.

Shopping in Hebden Bridge.

Shopping in Hebden Bridge.

BBC business expert Evan Davis commented if Britain’s cities were typical to those of other countries it would have a second city of about five million people - twice the size of Greater Manchester. He argues, instead, Britain has a first city and a couple of thirds.

Integral to the survival and revival of 1980’s Hebden Bridge is community activist David Fletcher who has suggested Hebden Bridge situated between Manchester and Leeds is an inverted city with a greenbelt centre with Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool as suburbs.

He argues the real second city of the UK is a northern, trans-Pennine strip that extends across the northern England, connecting the cities - creating a super-city of connected northern cities in one large travel-to-work area.

Commenting in the video is Doris Lord of Nelson, Kate Henderson, co-owner of Lamppost, Hebden Bridge, Tony Cornwall of Luddenden, Elizabeth Anne Wood of The White Swan pub, Hebden Bridge, Jane Minister of Salford, and Sarah Richardson of Hebden Bridge.