VIDEO: Ice cream men lose their cool in turf war

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When Mr Whippy met Mr Yummy both ice cream van drivers lost their cool and temperatures soared in a turf-war bust-up.

Mr Yummy marched out of his van and up to Mr Whippey and smashed a window with a tyre lever.

Mr Yummy of Halifax gets his ice cream van smashed into by Mr Whippy of Blackburn

Mr Yummy of Halifax gets his ice cream van smashed into by Mr Whippy of Blackburn

Mr Whippey responded by ramming his vehicle into the back of Halifax-based Mr Yummy in Palatine Road, Blackburn - where there wasn’t a traffic cone in sight.

The amazing scenes were captured on video by Mobeen Quizam who said: “The ice cream men were screaming and swearing at each other. It was not very professional with all the children around.”

Basharat Mahmood runs Yummy vans in Halifax and Blackburn for which he has street trading rights.

He defended his driver Zaheer Ramzan, 32, who he said had “lost his cool” in a running dispute with Mr Whippey’s van driven by Mohammed Mulla, of Blackburn.

Mr Mahmood said he had been trading in Blackburn for several years.

“Mr Mulla does not like it and has been chasing Mr Ramzan around and it’s been going on for weeks and this particular day he just lost his cool.”

Mr Mahmood said it was normal practice for ice cream vans to move onto other streets if they came across another legitimate trader - and the video showed Whippey was following Yummy.

He said he had complained to Blackburn with Darwen Council twice in recent weeks but it wasn’t interested.

“It is now it has become national news but it’s all a petty thing really.”

Mr Ramzan told media he had tried to be reasonable but Mr Whippy wasn’t.

“Whenever I go to Blackburn he follows me. Surely, the town is big enough for both of us,” he said.

“I felt threatened and at the end of my tether. I didn’t mean to smash his window - I just tapped too hard.”

Mr Mulla, 42, said Mr Yummy had been chiming outside the allotted times and muscling in on his patch.

Residents said the two ice cream vans were knocking down prices to win trade.

Ahmed Chaka, 16, said: “One of the ice cream men was saying buy from me, “I will sell it cheaper” and that’s when the trouble started.”

John Tighe, 55, said it was a turf war.

“One was offering four, two scoop cones with a flake for £2 and the other said he would do them all for 10p cheaper.”

The local council, which controls street licenses, has now launched an investigation into the incident.

Police are also investigating after receiving complaints from both ice cream sellers.