We'd like a work of art on a beer mat, please...

CALDERDALE artist Alice Bradshaw took one look at the former cloth merchants' market and knew it could be the perfect place to stage exhibitions.

And now she and a group of fellow artists are hoping they will have as much success as an event they staged in Kirklees last May.

"There was so much interest in the Huddersfield event and so we decided we would like to do the same in Calderdale," explains Alice, of Halifax, a co-director of a Manchester-based artists' collective, Contents May Vary, established in 2004.

The Temporary Art Show will be staged on the top floor of the Piece Hall and run for six months – but each month will have a different theme, encouraging a variety of artwork.

The independent, unfunded project is being organised by a team of fellow artists – Bob Milner and Tom Senior, who work together as Milk, Two Sugars, and Kevin and Georgia Boniface.

All of the artists have exhibited independently before and realise how difficult it can be to have their work recognised.

"It can be really daunting when you are just setting out so the idea behind this is to give up-and-coming artists the chance to show their work to the public", explains Georgia, who met Alice at an arts fair.

"We all got together and thought what a good idea it would be if we could find space to show off varying kinds of work. There are some very talented people out there and this could help launch the careers of some. We hope so, anyway."

Alice added that the monthly exhibitions would encourage work in any medium, either from established artists or those just setting out. "It is not intended to be intimidating in any way and we are really encouraging people of all talents to submit their work," she says.

"This is a great opportunity for them to show their work publicly."

The first exhibition, which runs in March, has the loose theme of Temporary and will be followed by four more themed exhibitions – North, Beer Mats and Beyond, DIY and as the finale, Salon.

"Artists can submit paintings, printed pieces, sculpture. We are really interested in seeing all kinds of ideas, " says Alice.

Tom explains that the Beer Mats and Beyond exhibition has been inspired by an exhibition of work produced on postcards which was staged at the Royal College of Art.

"We are literally asking people to submit a piece of work on a beer mat – or the size of a beer mat. It might appear limiting at first, but you'd be surprised how imaginative and innovative people can be, especially when they have a limited canvas", he says.

"We want people to be topical too. So hopefully those beer mats will really give people food for thought."

The DIY exhibition will encourage artists to produce "art on the cheap" says Alice.

"It can be using all kinds of resources which are close to hand. Perhaps some might regard it as junk, but to others it could be a work of art," she says.

At the grand finale, Salon, which will take place in August, the team hope to fill every inch of space in the rooms they have rented at the Piece Hall – welcoming submissions from students, amateurs and professional artists alike.

"There is no criteria. We just want to see how many artists you can exhibit in a 53ft room," she says. As the monthly exhibitions change over there will also be opportunity for a number of temporary "guerrilla" exhibitions.

"As we take down one show and put up another the public will be able to see the inner workings of a gallery and it is then that we would love to be able to stage a number of mini exhibitions in a small area," says Alice.

Artists can e-mail images of their work for consideration by the team – the first deadline will be this Friday, February 13.

For more details about the Temporary Art Space exhibitions visit www.temporaryartspace.uk and to e-mail proposals with supporting images (under 10MB total) go to info@temporaryartspace.co.uk