We join NHS 'path' scheme

Calderdale is one of 89 regions across England to be selected to join the first wave of the Government's NHS pathfinder scheme.

Groups can share ideas on how to operate the new consortia, to be made up of 28 doctors' practices which will directly manage the local NHS budget and commission services for patients directly.

Calderdale Commissioning Consortia will be made up of 28 practices, serving a population of 212,633.

Dr Matt Walsh, Medical Director, NHS Calderdale said: "Pathfinder status gives the consortium – which is made up of all Calderdale practices – the opportunity to help shape national thinking on how consortia operate.

"Our local GPs will have the opportunity to work with other similar organisations across the region to test out their ideas on designing new ways of working.

"Having a consortium for Calderdale allows us to build on the firm foundations we already have."