Whizz kid is so ‘appy’ with game launch

Daniel Rice
Daniel Rice

A teenage software developer from Halifax is very ‘appy’ after his new game went live on the App Store.

Daniel Rice has been working on Combinations, based on a board game invented by local man Michael Pattison, since last summer.

The aim is to match combinations on a dice with those on your card, competing against the clock or the computer to complete your card.

The game was released last month and Daniel, who was one of 150 students to win a scholarship to Apple in San Francisco last year, is already working on some new ideas.

He said: “Combinations went live on July 2 and I was super excited.

“My app Sort the Mail and Sort the Mail Lite have had over 10,000 downloads on the App Store.

“Since the launch of Combinations I have begun work on a new app which has a code name When Nothing Goes Right Go Left about a character who solves puzzles on a journey to find his missing friends.

“This will be an iPad exclusive and will be written in Apple’s new programming language which I have been teaching myself.”

Daniel is starting college in September but is still undecided about where his future lies.

He said: “I just finished my GCSE’s and as I have the summer off, I’ve been able to finish Combinations for Michael and begin work on my new app.

“I start at Greenhead College in September, studying computer science, physics and maths.

“I am keeping my options open as I’m unsure whether to go to university or take up full time games development.”