IS it vandals – or artists? That's the question being asked after a Halifax sculpture was partially dismantled and reassembled. Brick Wall, on the Piece Hall lawn, is a drystone structure with three holes in the middle.

Despite a sign asking the public not to touch, the top layer of bricks were removed and used to fill in the holes.

Alice Bradshaw, co-director of Temporary Art Space, which is staging the exhibition, said: "I've been trying to work out why someone would do this.

"Is it just vandalism or has someone been inspired to interact with art?"

The sculpture, by Luke Powell and Tom Blaker, is now back in its original state. Children have repeatedly been asked not to sit on the wall, while there have been complaints it is ruining the lawn.

Matthew Geraghty, Piece Hall manager, said: "We hope the artwork will draw people to the Piece hall to enjoy modern art amid our valuable heritage."