Why does all our mail go missing?

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CHRISTMAS is long gone but Sandra Hunter is still waiting for her greetings cards.

Ten items of Christmas mail failed to be delivered to her home at Pannier Top, Barkisland.

They were posted from friends scattered around the UK and Greece who have assured her they were sent. And, just to confirm her concerns, Sandra posted two first-class letters to herself on February 2 from Elland and Greetland – and is still waiting for them to arrive.

More alarmingly Sandra and husband Brian were waiting for an appointment confirmation from St James’s Hospital, Leeds.

When she rang the hospital they assured her details had been posted and re-sent the confirmation, which did arrive.

Piles of junk mail have also been delivered to the property where the couple have lived for two years but they are left wondering what mail hasn’t arrived that they know nothing about.

“I don’t have any faith in Royal Mail and am left wondering where our mail is going,” said Sandra.

She accepted odd items of mail would go missing out of the millions of letters and cards that are handled.

“But all my stuff? Where is it? All I want to know is where it is going.”

The Royal Mail said the company would look into the complaint and report its findings within a few weeks.

“We are sorry to hear Mrs Hunter has not received the high level of service which she expects from Royal Mail and we will be contacting her to discuss her complaint,” said a spokeswoman.

“Any customers with queries regarding their mail delivery are asked to contact Royal Mail Customer Services on 08457 740 740 so that we can investigate fully.”

She added that changes came into effect today regarding Saturday collection times at postboxes in the Halifax area.

“These changes have been made to improve efficiency and quality of service. Notices were placed on the affected boxes at least two weeks in advance advising customers of the forthcoming change.

“These changes are within the final collection time specification agreed with our regulator Postcomm.”

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