Young Halifax mum killed in car crash - neighbourhood left stunned

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The tragedy has stunned the neighbourhood where Emily Phillips’s family was well known.

Emily lived on the same street as her mum and sister Laura.

Neighbours Brian and Pauline Walker, both 75, had known the family for many years.

Mr Walker recalled Emily as a young girl who was eager to join him on dog walks in the Shibden Valley.

“This is a big shock. Emily was a lovely lass who I had known since she was knee-high,” he said.

Mrs Walker added: “We are all distraught at what happened and can’t do anything other than think about that.

“It was such as a shock.”

Flowers have been left at the scene and numerous message of sympathy have been sent to the family personally and via social media.

Emily’s best friends Danielle, Lee and Emma said: “Today, we pay tribute to a wonderful friend. Ripped from a loving family, she had a huge heart, there for everyone who needed her, and was loved in return. She was a wonderful mother and lived for her family she touched everyone she met in a profound way. We are all truly blessed to have been part of her life if only for a short time. To all of her family, we are so saddened by your tragic loss and it will forever leave a void in our hearts. Sleep tight dear friend, until we see each other again.”

Website messages include; Misunderstood: “How devastating for this young woman’s family. I pray they get some kind of peace in the weeks, months and years to come.”

Juan Hu Nose: “Tragic, sad waste of a life. Thoughts are with the kids that`ll grow up without their mum.”

Mishmash: “RIP Emily, my thoughts go out to all the family.”

Blindboygrunt: “My heartfelt condolences to Emily and the whole of the family at this very sad time.”

kingcrossite: “How sad is this tragic event? RIP sweetheart and God Bless your children and their father, lets hope they can come to terms with what has happened to their precious lady.”

PS: “Indeed a tragic and sad time....God bless those two little children and the whole family. I think the whole town will be saddened by this.”