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In another of William Marshall’s ‘Friday Feeling’ gems: ‘A suitable case for The Professionals’, we were treat to the thrilling account of a ‘70’s style over-the-top attempt by an organisation trying to crack open a nut with a sledgehammer.

In this case a crime-based assignment that involved a typical, and now often broadcast, scenario of armed officers mounting a daring, night-time raid at the well appointed lair of some once loved, now faded celebrity who’s been accused of all manner of minor infringements. And, at the end of his article, Mr. Marshall teasingly indicated that this particular story was to be continued....
But the sad fact of the matter is, that in the midst of this ‘70’s revival thing that’s captured the mood a nation reeling from the effects of a multiple recession, I really, really enjoyed the story and have been left feeling a bit like a kid from the ‘70’s waiting for the next issue of his favourite comic to appear in the newsagents. So what about pushing the boat out a bit, William (albeit in times of austerity - a time when MP’s have to limit their demands for a pay rise to a paltry 20 - 30 grand a year), and turning this into a long-running series? Small crumbs for the obedient plebs, but crumbs that will be gladly harvested. And, if I might be so bold as to make a few suggestions, other cases based on modern day themes that Bodie & Doyle could tackle might be as follows: ‘The case of the Out-of-Doors Workman who climbed a ladder without anyone at the bottom to foot them for him’.
‘The case of the Squirrel that was trapped on an island in the middle of a canal’. And, ‘The case of the Labradoddle that had been groomed to look like a lion’.(Although the last one is a story that developed State-side, which means you’ll have to be quick before Starsky & Hutch get in on the act.)

Vaughan Hodgkiss

Raw Lane