A huge thank you to inclusion team

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Manor Drive

Hebden Bridge

I WOULD like to publicly thank Calderdale Inclusion service – and in particular, the Visual Impairment team for the wonderful help they have given my daughter.

My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was just three years old. By the time she was eight, she was experiencing several fits a day. Along with the epilepsy she had visual and spacial awareness problems and was also diagnosed with a learning disorder. Despite trying various drugs, her quality of life became increasingly affected. It was heartbreaking.

In 2008, she underwent a life changing operation, performed at the Leeds General Infirmary Children’s Neurology department. The part of her brain that was causing the epilepsy was removed. She has not had a seizure now for over two years.

Despite the huge improvements to her life, the fact remained – she had missed most of her childhood and the visual and learning problems were still there. It was then the inclusion team came to her aid.

Using a mixture of practical, educational and social therapies, they have helped my daughter recover some of those lost years. By assessing and understanding the complex nature of her problems they put a programme in place that covered most aspects of her life. From walking around her home town safely, to reading accurately. From chatting with friends at school, to drawing graphs. From days out (including a residential trip to a farm) to even supplying her with a laptop to use for school work. I cannot praise too highly the wonderful work they have done.

So I want to thank you all in the Inclusion Service for the amazing work you do for the children of Calderdale – and tell the politicians to protect this invaluable service. We must continue to invest in all of our children’s future – especially those for whom specialist input at an early stage can mean they go on to live useful and fulfilled lives.

Nicola Harlow