A special, generous person


Many of your readers will have been saddened to learn the death of Andrew Delaney, as I was.

Andrew was a special man and a very generous person who supported many local charities including the Halifax Show, Overgate Hospice, Rishworth School and Halifax Town, and perhaps many more that I have no knowledge of. He was born in County Laois In Ireland and came to Yorkshire as a very young boy. He lived in the Huddersfield area and got married to Nina and lived at Francis Street in Mirfield where most of his children were born. He set up his demolition business in the early 1960s and by the mid-60s it had started to flourish. The face of Halifax and surrounding areas started to change when houses and mills started to come down. He operated with one large digger and two old green Ford wagons. One day he came into our Ford Dealership to order a new Ford wagon. Our sales manager at that time was Peter Judge. Peter asked him many questions on his requirement. Andrew’s rely was: “I want a green tipper wagon.” Peter then advised him and designed a series of colours, telling him: “Go for a black body, a red cab and amber and white lettering. Andy took the advice and placed the order. He eventually ended up with 18 of these wagons.
He approached me once and told me he was ‘troubled’. Upon further enquiry, he told me he would like to look up his mother, who he hadn’t seen since he was a very young boy. With a little guidance he went to Ireland and found her, to his delight. He then took her back to his house in Hipperholme.
Andy’s funeral is to be held at Elland Crematorium on Monday, August 19 at 1.15pm.
God bless you Andy,

Mike McDonnell

Ex-Service Manager, Ford Halifax, Greetland