A waste of life and limb in troubled Middle East?

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Like many others, I always have had grave doubts about our troops being in Afghanistan fighting an unwinnable war for an unclear cause.

I strongly suspect that even when they leave things will just go back to the way they were before we began; in fact I believe it has been a total waste of human life.
As an ordinary squaddie and ex-serviceman from WWII can anyone tell me what on earth is going on in the Middle East? After WWII finished in May 1945, I, along with many other veterans, was sent to Palestine to control the intake of illegal immigrants.
We were stationed at Haifa at the foot of Mount Carmel under canvas (this incidentally was where the feeding of the 5,000 supposedly occurred). Our main objectives were to control the Joseph Stern militants and also the Jewish immigrants who were landing in the Bay of Haifa in their thousands.
These people were then transferred into transit camps. The 3rd British Infantry Division was active throughout my last two years of military service until I along with thousands of others were demobbed and sent back into civvy street. Amongst my service medals from Europe is the Palestine medal.
Now Palestine is no more and the troubles there seem to escalate daily leaving innocent victims living on a knife edge, and providing us with disturbing images on the TV. I know there were skirmishes during my time there but nothing on the scale or violence of the atrocities today. 
Now in my late 80s I can only look back and think of my mates who served there with me and wonder if like Afghanistan they also consider as do I what a waste of life and limb that occurs in this troubled war in the Middle East.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green