All aboard the magic roundabout

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The magic roundabout of party conferences is upon us once again.

Now it is the turn of the union barons who are threatening to call from its dwindling members the first general strike for 86 years. After failing to interrupt the Olympic Games with striking tube trains, these posturing and grovelling union barons are determined one way or another to put the general public under even more stress. Not all the sheep nowadays are prepared to follow their left wing and Trotsky barons into a life of poverty and destruction, and before long lefties and Trotskies like Bob Crow, Mark Sarwotka, Dave Prentis and Red Ed’s mate, ex-communist, Len McClusky will have gotten their comeuppance. The reform think tank found that the average public sector worker in Britain works fewer hours, and enjoys longer holidays and higher pay than the equivalent private sector worker with public sector workers earning on average £14.88 per hour and working 31 hours per week, and the typical private sector worker earning £11.60 per hour and works 3 hours longer. The real issue is while all the union members suffer hardships along with the rest of the country; these union barons will continue to receive to receive their gold-plated salaries and pensions. The chief of the union barons, TUC chief Brendan Barber will retire this year and his golden goodbye will be £100k, 4 times the average salary of his faithful sheep. His inflation proof salary is worth about £62k per year according to the Financial advisors Hargreaves Landsdown so the British public along with the dwindling union members should remember this when they are asked to vote on the various strikes by these union barons who will continue to fiddle while while England burns.

Donald Leach