Allow this museum to expand

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It was a delight to be able to visit Halifax Industrial Museum last weekend during the Heritage open weekend.

There is so much of Halifax’s cultural history on show there as well as all the machinery. I was greatly shocked and saddened to hear that the volunteers there feared that should the new library be built on the site immediately adjacent to their building this would impede access to the museum to such an extent that they would be in danger of having to close down altogether. Sited so near the station where access to tourism is easy I feel the council would do better to allow the museum to expand into that area perhaps including a facility to show the impressive videos made of Halifax and the area and giving space to mount the multitude of excellent photos of Halifax in the past. This would create a fascinating and much needed local history museum all within easy reach for tourists to the area. It would, of course, mean not siting the library on the proposed new site. Since the proposals seem unpopular with so many in Calderdale, perhaps councillors’ safest course of action might be to allow it to remain in its present position and open shops around it where the council offices now stand. This would seem to comply with wishes to have a commercial centre at one end of town and a cultural centre adjacent to the Piece Hall at the other.

Jenny Garner